Web Server

There are two methods to deploying ConfirmConnect onto a Web Server. These are "de-coupled" (preferred method) and "Integrated".

Pre-requisites for ConfirmConnect

Below is a list of pre-requiste steps required for ConfirmConnect, these are required for both Integrated and de-coupled installations

Web Server Installation and Configuration

This section details the manual steps required to setup your ConfirmConnect Web Service so that it can be accessed by your devices and tested using Chrome. The following steps assume the use of IIS 7, Default Web Site and default options are used unless otherwise specified.

Allow devices to download and install from your Web Site

If you wish to install devices using the QR codes provided with the contents of the ConfirmConnect installation, you need to setup MIME types in your Web Site.

There are two MIME types required depending on if you are using Android or iOS devices. Within IIS, select Default Web Site and select MIME Types from the content view. Add the following


Download and Install the new version of the ConfirmConnectWebService.exe.


Perform the following steps to test the ConfirmConnect web service.

Log Files

In de-coupled mode the ConfirmConnect web service will log any issues it can into a separate file located in the same location as specified for your Confirm Connector log file entry. The file will have the prefix of 'MS_' e.g. MS_Connector.log.

Troubleshooting Problems

Please see the online help documentation for details on how to troubleshoot issues with ConfirmConnect.